VTK Web - How to update server data source

I am attempting to run VTK as a server, following this guide: http://kitware.github.io/paraviewweb/examples/RemoteRenderer.html#Using-VTK-as-server

My question is how to update server data. I implementation MPR algorithm. After server.start_webserver, I don’t know how to change the data(dicom) from client.

Can anyone please help me?
Many thanks!

This would be a more up to date version to look at.

It also show you how to have your own server methods that can be called by the client.

Thanks for your quick reply!
I searched the Internet and found that there are very few
vtk Web document.

Yes most of the work is usually done using ParaView rather than VTK.
That’s why all the doc and examples tend to use ParaView rather than VTK. But both works the same.

Thank you very much!