vtk8.2 build/run problems on Mac with Java

The vtk that was pulled in the super build at the time which was master was: c1db0bc5ca1d1daa0af7f78bb8aa6f1d8c65b3a0

@Sebastien_Jourdain is there a modification I can make to the super build to get that specific vtk build to come down when it checks it out?

Also I’m not familiar with cmake - do the CMakeCache listings directly correspond to the arguments to the cmake command? I’m trying to use the vtkbuild.sh to perform the build.

OK, after quite some time away, I’m glad to say I’ve made some progress here, @Sebastien_Jourdain, @ben.boeckel - if I stick with the OpenGL1 pipeline, I can compile and have it run all the way up to 8.1.2 just fine, and it works well with our patches - which I couldn’t do before! So that’s something.

However, if I try with 8.2, which no longer has OpenGL1 (and as you know defaults to OpenGL2) I get core dumps even trying to run the demo code, as mentioned previous. Has there been any progress on getting a 8.2 version using Java Wrappers to successfully run on your part (even what Sebastien sent me before was an 8.1 build…)??

Looking forward to any help you can provide.


Hi @Gilthalas,

It seems that I have experienced the same issues when trying to run the demo with java wrapping on vtk 8.2, Mac OSX 10.14. Did you have any progress regarding that issue?



No luck. vtk 8.2 requires the OPENGL2 pipeline in VTK, and I think due to a problem with JOGL (which the devs here have alluded to), core dumps happen even with the demo code. Was hoping @Sebastien_Jourdain or @ben.boeckel would have been able to move this along, but no luck there either. It turns out your max version available on Macs is VTK 8.1, running in OPENGL1 pipeline mode (OPENGL2 does not work there either).

Hi Josh,

thanks a lot for taking your time to answer. Then I will stick to an older version then. An additional problem might be soon that Apple will drop OpenGL at some point.



Hey, an update here! It took a little tweaking to the code, but I have VTK 8.2 building for Mac, and it works, assuming I use the GLCanvas and not the GLJPanel. I’m working on testing it on Windows and if so, will suggest an update to the code to let others build it if they need to. Would the best way to do that be a Merge Request, @Sebastien_Jourdain?

Dear Josh,

I am very interested in this topic, as I am about to build VTK 8.2 for Mac with Java wrapping, and I will be using JOGL as the rendering method.

So, do you have news on this topic? Did you manage to have the same VTK version working correctly with JOGL both on Windows and on Mac?
The “tweaking to the code” you refer to in your post above means that you needed to modify VTK’s source? Or just makefiles or other build-related stuff?

Also, in your post you say that you managed to have it working with GLCanvas and not with GLJPanel. So, it means you are using vtkJoglCanvasComponent as the base class for your rendering panels?

Thanks in advance for your comments and best regards,

Marco Sambin

Hi @Gilthalas,

Sorry to catching up only now. A Merge Request will indeed be the best approach.



I’m sorry to have kept everyone waiting! I will try to update this post within the next few days.

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Thanks Josh,

I greatly appreciate.
I will be able to test your modified version on Mac right away, as I am about to dedicate myself to bulding VTK 8.2 + Java 1.8 + JOGL on Mac very soon.

I am looking forward to testing your merge request.

Thanks in advance for your contribution and best regards,

Marco Sambin

Hello Josh,

do you have updates about this thread?
I know that in these difficult times everything is moving on more slowly, but just wanted to check if news are already available.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Marco Sambin