vtkActor SetDiffuseColor bug

I’ve taken the ImplicitBoolean example and “merged” it with the SolidClip example.

From the SolidClip example there are 2 parts to the clipping: a clip away portion and a portion that stays – using a vktClipPolyData object. From these 2, actors are created. When the color for the clippedAwayActor is set with SetDiffuseColor, the color appears as expected. When the color for the sActor (the portion that stays) is set with SetDiffuseColor, that part is set as blue when it should be hot pink. There are no error messages. This makes no sense to me. I think that I did everything correctly. Files available:

ImplicitBooleanClip.cxx (3.4 KB)

CMakeLists.txt (1.2 KB)

Bug or not? Misunderstood feature?

My apologies. Not a bug.

Didn’t realize that I needed to execute ScalarVisibilityOff() on the mapper to override whatever data is present and taking priority.