vtkAnnotatedCubeActor handle clicked face

is there a way to get which face of the vtkAnnotatedCubeActor has been clicked?

trying to use a CellPicker as described here results in a pickedCellId = -1 regardless of which face has been clicked?

what I am trying to do is to change the camera view when clicking on one of the faces of the cube.

is there a way to do so?

results in a `pickedCellId = -1

i had 2 mistakes. picking the wrong renderer and setting pickable to false.

leaving this here in case someone made the same mistake:

const axes = vtk.Rendering.Core.vtkAnnotatedCubeActor.newInstance();
// create axes
    text: '+X',
    fontStyle: 'bold',
    fontFamily: 'Nunito Sans',
    fontColor: 'black',
    fontSizeScale: (res) => res / 2,
    faceColor: '#0000ff',
    faceRotation: 0,
    edgeThickness: 0.1,
    edgeColor: 'black',
    resolution: 400,

const cellPicker = vtk.Rendering.Core.vtkCellPicker.newInstance();

renderWindow.getInteractor().onLeftButtonRelease((v) => {
    let pos = v.position;
    let point = [pos.x, pos.y, 0];

    // vtkAnnotatedCubeActor spawns on a new renderer
    cellPicker.pick(point, fullScreenRenderer.getRenderWindow().getRenderers()[1]);