vtkDebugLeaks detects leaks without pattern

Hello everyone, I have a rather generic question about vtkDebugLeaks. I build vtk 8.2 successfully with it on and was using it for quite some time now. The only report i ever got form vtkDebugLeaks is the following on exiting Qt programs where vtk is used:

vtkDebugLeaks has detected LEAKS!
Class "vtkObjectFactoryCollection" has 1 instance still around.

But this only happens sometimes, and not in a pattern which I could notice at all. Often I only get the message that no leaks were detected. Can somebody give me a hint where to look for a potential leak or does it sometimes happen, due to using the New() function for Objects?

Thanks in advance!

Try this:

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Thank you!
I already tried this, but nothing else gets reported except the part i posted above. I set the environmental variable as mentioned in the post. I am working on Windows 10.
For example, today, only one time a leak appeared, again form vtkObjectFactoryCollection.

Maybe any other suggestions?
Thanks again!