vtkexodusII project build faild

I got a lot of errors when compiling vtk8.2 on Windows10, all from vtkexodusII project。

vtk\VTK-8.2.0\ThirdParty\exodusII\vtkexodusII\src\ex_utils.c(1415): error C2065: “func

Is that really all the error line has? What compiler are you using?

Ah, seems to be a rendering problem. It’s saying that __func__ is not recognized. I suspect the compiler you’re using is too old, but the bit that comes after the __func__ would help.

Just vtkexodusll project has error, My compiler is VS2015

VS2015 is supposed to have __func__ in it. @brad.king @RobertMaynard Thoughts?

It works with VS2015 in general: https://godbolt.org/z/Hdh6_0

I would verify that you are compiling with VS2015 ( make sure an explicit toolset isn’t specified ).