VTKHDF: support transient data for OverlappingAMR

This thread is dedicated to proposing an improvement for the VTKHDF file format regarding OverlappingAMR in Transient context.

The documentation for both can be found here:

In this proposal, we suppose that we can only have transient data for these fields in OverlappingAMR:

  • AMRBox
  • Point/Cell/Field data

To support that, we only need to change the Transient Data format. For convenience, here is the current diagram for transient data :

As these fields depend on the Level. The idea is to add between Point/Cell/FieldDataOffsets and the group Steps an intermediary group Level and replicate that for each possible Level.

Additionally, this group Level will contain 2 others datasets:

  • AMRBoxOffsets : to retrieve for the current timestep where we should start to read the AMRBox
  • NumberOfAMRBox : to retrieve for the current timestep, the number of box contained in the AMRBox

Here is a full example of what we should obtain regarding this proposal:

cc @mwestphal @Louis_Gombert @hakostra @danlipsa

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I think this looks very good and straight-forward, following the principles of the other transient implementations. Go for it.