vtkImageSlice: XYZ slicing and image position


We have been using the ImageSlice and ImageMapper with XYZ slicing mode for a while, and it works great except for one detail that seems unintended:

When rendering an image with XYZ slicing, the rendered image position is always set to the position of the closest IJK slice.

See this example: Exercises-vtk.js (forked) - CodeSandbox
Whether the slice is set to 3 or 3.1, the mapper will draw the slice at world coordinates for Z=3. This is causing issues when rendering images alongside the reslice cursor widget (which behaves differently).

We were expecting the slice to be drawn at the exact position of the slice in XYZ slicing mode. Does this make sense ?

Is it intended that the slice will always be drawn at the location of the closest IJK slice (in which case we should use the actor to achieve what we need instead) ?


@agirault I think this is your domain