vtkloguru link errors building Mac app that doesn't use CMake

Hi all,

For the first time in a few months, I’m trying to build my Mac app against vtk master. I’m getting link errors like:

“vtkloguru::vstrprintf(char const*, __va_list_tag*)”, referenced from:
vtkLogger::LogScopeRAII::LogScopeRAII(vtkLogger::Verbosity, char const*, unsigned int, char const*, …) in libvtkCommonCore.a(vtkLogger.cxx.o)

I’m already linking to libvtkCommonCore, which seems to be where libguru is.

Since my app doesn’t use CMake, do I need some kind of VTK_MODULE_INIT() thing?



No, it’s just that vtkloguru is an optional dependency of vtkCommonCore that is on by default. With a static build, you’ll need to link it as well (or disable it).

Oh, I’m so dumb. My first thought was there’s a new lib, but I think I was searching for logguru with two g’s. Doh.