vtkStaticCellLocator FindClosestPoint?

(michal) #1


the standard vtkCellLocator contains the method FindClosestPoint, but with a bigger dataset, it’s getting slow. I thought I could parallelize my call to Locator::FindClosestPoint(…) but this method use QueryNumber and CellHasBeenVisited

// NOTE: This method is not thread safe (i.e., when invoking this method on
// the same instance of vtkCellLocator). This is the due to the use of the
// data members QueryNumber and CellHasBeenVisited.

vtkStaticCellLocator doesn’t have the method, therefore I will try to implement it.

  • In vtkStaticCellLocator, I see that dataset is split in bins, but the pos coordinate must already be on the surface of the dataset.

    vtkIdType binId = this->Binner->GetBinIndex(pos);

    point pos must already be inside a certain bin.

Is there an easy way to find the closest bin to random point x?