vtkStdString HighlightPickedActor

Hi Developers

I am trying to promote VTK for some people and we have seen some weird issues. For vtkNamedColors, the strings, e.g. “White” gets interpreted as pure non-sense. We use the latest VIsual Studio 2022 and has compiled the latest release 9.3 out-of-the-box. Only thing that we checked was using std::thread. Anyone has an idea what this could be?

I am beginning to see it could be related to this compiler error

Thanks in advance.
Jens Munk

Thanks for pointing it out @Jens_Munk_Hansen. Seeing that the issue was fixed in Visual Studio, have you tried with a VS preview release?

I believe we figured it out. The latest pre-release worked great. I believe it was caused by a weird mix of dll’s from Release and RelWithDebInfo. They share the same name but may not be binary compatible.

Thanks for reaching out