vtkUnstructuredGrid (.vtu data) with vtkJS

I’m developing a web app using vtkjs, but I need to work with vtkUnstructurerdGrid data. I’ve already tried the readers available in vtkjs repo, but they seems don’t work. Can someone help me ?

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vtk.js mostly focus on rendering meaning that it handle vtkPolyData for geometry rendering and vtkImageData for volume rendering.

In your use case you need to dynamically convert your data into vtkPolyData (just the skin) for the rendering. In VTK/C++, we use the geometry filter to perform this action in a transparent manner behind data readers or processing filters.

Such filter could be brought onto the client by building a WebAssembly module from VTK/C++.

yep, I’ve tried to convert my .vtu data in .vtp polyData with paraview (using Extract Region Surface filter), but in this way I lost che internal area.
More specifically I would apply, for example, the vtkCutter to view the internal section.
Is there a way to do this ?

This is available in itk.js: