vtkXdmf3Writer not in python pypi distribution ?


I just installed the python vtk package on my machine, using « pip install vtk » in a virtual env.
I work with MacOS 10, python 3.7

I tried to use the vtkXdmf3Writer class, but I got an error : module ‘vtk’ has no attribute ‘vtkXdmfWriter’.

It seems that the Xdmf classes are not included in this python distribution, is that right? Or did I missed something? Is there another way I could use the Xdmf writer with python?

Thanks for information

The stock PyPI packages do not include Xdmf support. You can use master (or 9.0 once it is out) to build your own wheel with support for whatever modules you like by using the -DVTK_WHEEL_BUILD=ON flag and configuring the modules as you like. Seems I need to write docs for this, but once you set that, build VTK as you would normally (Visual Studio is not supported for this; use the Ninja generator on Windows), and then you can use the setup.py to build your wheel.