vue-vtk-js mesh loading: support for legacy VTK?

I am using successfully able to load and render PLY meshes (using code below).

      <vtk-reader vtkClass="vtkPLYReader" :url="meshURL" resetCameraOnUpdate />

From vue-vtk-js/AvailableClasses.js at master · Kitware/vue-vtk-js · GitHub I understand that for now PLY and STL are supported file formats for vue-vtk-js, correct?

At the same time I understand the legacy ASCII VTK format is actually supported as demoed in vtk.js by loading vtk-js/sphere.vtk at master · Kitware/vtk-js · GitHub

So in theory support for that could be added by adding import 'vtk.js/Sources/IO/Legacy/PolyDataReader'; into vue-vtk-js/AvailableClasses.js at master · Kitware/vue-vtk-js · GitHub and then using

      <vtk-reader vtkClass="vtkPolyDataReader" :url="meshURL" />

Would that work?

yes assuming the vtk.js version of that reader fully support your file as the legacy format in vtk.js is partial as no data field is getting read as far as I remember.

Also, importing the source (from within the npm package of vue-vtk-js) directly from your vue project would allow you to add anything you like from vtk.js rather than using the pre-bundle version of vue-vtk-js.