Vulkan Development

For those who are interested here is a branch that includes basic Vulkan support missing many features and clearly a WIP. But feel free to play, extend, submit, etc.

and the which talks some about the design, features, etc.


Awesome work!
I am not familiar with Vulkan yet but this is very exciting.

This is a very good direction !

The post is old, but the vulkan branch seems to be updated recently.
The opengl implementation used in vtk is very old, some GPU drivers (like AMD) are no more supporting such older API and I experiment drivers crash when using vtk with glx on some code using AMD (but not NVIDIA). The vulkan support could be a solution !

I am not able to clone the repository to test your branch on my work (Permission denied, probably due to vtk private account).

  1. Is it planned to merge the vulkan branch into master ?
  2. if yes, when ?
  3. Is it possible to provide me an access to clone and test your branch on my work ?

Thanks for your great work !

You should be able to clone, I checked the settings and they are public unless I missed something. Maybe somethnig off on the clone command, try https maybe instead of ssh Not sure if anyone else has tried cloning it.

I do plan on merging it to master eventually. Just have been working on other things for a while but I plan to get back to it soon.

Thanks for your reply.
I am now able to clone your repository using https.
Unfortunatly, I am not able to compile your branch “vulkan”. Indeed, I am under Linux Debian 11 and the file “Findglslang.cmake” is missing. So I replaced it with the one added in an other branch of vtk by commit “8325e114ed7d2c06548ece318c63fd9ff0cea4d1” but it seems to be dedicated for windows.

Is your branch can be compiled on linux ? If yes, do you have some tips to provide to me ?

Thanks again for your very helpful help !