What are vtkWeb and vtk.js?

I think vtkWeb uses the python as the server-side language to make web vtk application.
And vtk.js uses the Javascript as the server-side language to make web vtk application.
Is that true?
If it is. Does vtkWeb need Django?

I have not worked with vtkWeb yet, but vtk.js does not rely on any server-side implementation for the vtk part, everything is executed locally in the users browser through JavaScript

Thank you very much Marvin marf.
That is client-side! OK.

vtk web and ParaViewWeb are very similar, using a python web server and using either vtk or paraview python interfaces for remote rendering. A very simple example is:

which gives you the script to start the python server for remote rendering with that example client.


Thank you very much Aron Helser.
That is difficult for me.
What I have done with Web application is just a web site building with Apache and PHP.
I think vtkWeb is quite different with that.
Thanks a lot.

Based on that experience, starting with vtk.js might be pretty simple (also the details can get more complex). If you have questions, I found the community to be very helpful, also theres an archive of the old mailing list there (this is for all VTK-related stuff though, not just vtkWeb or vtk.js)