What happened to vtk.js version 26

I have a vtk.js project that I have created and I have kept updating vtk.js versions after that, (the last was vtk.js 25.14.2),
All worked just fine! In that project I display a vtkResliceCursorWidget + a vtkPolyData, it’s a viewer…

Today, I did update vtk.js to vtk.js 26.8.2, and suddently nothing work, I’m just seeing black renderWindows…
I don’t understand what happened (I didn’t touch my code)

Indeed, you swithched major version of VTK.js and that may break backward compatibility.
This is especially true to in v26.
Please consider the BREAKING_CHANGES.md file at top level.
There is also a PR 2730 that fixes some related issues.

Thank you for your answer,
That means that I will have to change something in my code? how I can fix it to have my application runs normally?

Yes, you have to change something in your code.
The best is probably to look at the errors in the console (I would be surprised if all the errors are silent) and see if the BREAKING_CHANGE.md file gives some clue to fix the error.


  • LabelWidget: vtkLabelWidget now longer has textProps,
    fontProperties, nor strokeFontProperties.
  • widgets: Shape widgets no longer expose textProps and
    fontProperties, as those no longer exist.
  • SVG: SVG reprentation support has been removed.
  • reslicecursorwidget: vtkResliceCursorContextRepresentation is deprecated and
    removed. Instead, a vtkSphereHandleRepresentation is used for rotation
    and center handles, and a vtkLineHandleRepresenttion is used for the
    rotateLineInView() now takes an axis name (string, e.g. ‘XinY’) instead of a substate.

The problem was in this function in reslicecursorwidget initialisation:
I didn’t succed to show the error, but my application worked after removing this line

I have also noticed that some (If I don’t say all) functions in widgetState ( reslicecursorwidget) don’t work (displaying no change),