What's the best thing to do (git vtk)


As can be seen from this MR, my branch is quite old and lags behind master by 251 commits.

I am a first-time contributor and would like to get advice on the best thing to do here.
Should I carry on with new developments to it? Or Should I make a new fork? What is suggested?

Thanks in advance!

I suggest that you rebase against master. Once you commit into your local branch:

git fetch origin
git rebase -i origin/master

One this is completed, you’ll have to force push to gitlab:
git gitlab-push -f

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Just rebase your branch on master as I suggested.

cd vtk
git fetch origin
git checkout master
git pull
git checkout feature-inside-out-cookiecutter
git rebase -i master
< check that the list of commits is correct and quit your editor >
git push gitlab -f

Edit: @will.schroeder nice cross post :slight_smile:

Thanks all, its done. :slight_smile:

Just FYI - GitLab has a relatively new feature that enables rebasing on the target branch of a merge request. You can add a command comment to the MR to kick off a rebase right on the server. Just type /rebase and add the comment, then wait a minute. If there are no conflicts, your MR will be rebased.

On your local VTK repository, you can grab the newly rebased branch with git gitlab-sync.