Widget Interactor Slowing (Overlapping) Issues


I’m using LineWidget (See example code) and the following warning appears.

[Violation] ‘pointerdown’ handler took 364ms

Perhaps the problem is over-calling due to Event Bubbling or Capturing.

The view I’m configuring is an environment where other widgets besides LineWidget can be invoked, and if warnings continue, I think I should limit the widgets.

Is there any way to avoid this?

Thanks, always


In the attached image, each situation is

  1. Frames when the first two were created first

  2. Frames when five are created afterwards

  3. Frames when all are deleted

There seems to be too much difference.

Can you try the “profile” function from the “Performance” tab of your “Developer Tools”?

I think this might be related to this:

You might want to try with v25.8.5 to see if it is still slow.

I downgraded the version and it didn’t slow down!

Also, when I checked the performance, there were a lot of “Internal deepEqual” calls.

Thank you for solving it!