Wrapper with VTK-9.0.1 is not generating xml files

Later than replace VTK_INCLUDE_DIRS instead of VTK_USE_FILE, CMake is not generating the xml files

Some idea?

What XML files are you referring to?

@ben.boeckel he’s referring to WrapVTK, which is my sandbox for testing certain bits of wrapping code before implementing the code in VTK itself. What WrapVTK does, essentially, is parse VTK headers and dump the contents (class definitions, macro definitions, namespaces, etc.) as xml. Kind of like CastXML, but with a different schema, and using the VTK wrapping tools to parse the files.

@abrahamperez it might be best to discuss the issue on the WrapVTK github pages, since WrapVTK is not part of VTK itself.

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