360 degree view

I am trying to obtain a 360 view of a terrain rendered in VTK. I have come across vtkPanoramicProjectionPass() but I have not found any examples. Can anyone point to some example, ideally, using python bindings?

Hi @llobera ,

This is only used in ParaView for now, see this:

An example usage can be seen here:

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@mwestphal In the tutorial you reference to it is possible to specify the type of projection and whether the angle we want to consider but I unfortunately I have been unable to find how to do so. In addition, what location does it take as the center around which the view is generated?


All of the methods are there:


It probably use 0, 0, 0 as the center though.

Hi Mathieu,
What I was after was how to access the parameters in paraview? I was able to load the plugin and use the extension but was not able to figure out how I can access the parameters that appear mentioned in the blog post you sent earlier.

They are in the properties panel, View part.

Got it! My bad… I had not scroll down enough.

Thank you!