3D rendering for polydata points

I am a VTK beginner.
I have a large number of points with some attribute value for each point. I want to build a 3D volume in VTK / Paraview with the ability to apply various filters. I tried to use Delaunau3D in Paraview, but this filter does not correctly display hollow objects, such as a thick-walled tube. How can I do it?

Hello, Vasy,

From your question I understand that you have a point cloud, then use Delaunay3D filter to build a mesh from it. But the result of the filter being rendered a thin wireframe and you want to display the edges as tubes, right?
If I understood correctly, then you need the vtkTubeFilter to convert the wireframe into a tubular truss:

(...) //previous VTK pipeline calls

// build a tube around the polygonal line
vtkSmartPointer<vtkTubeFilter> tubeFilter =
tubeFilter->SetInputConnection( <output from vtkDelaunay3D goes here> );
tubeFilter->SetRadius(10); //default is .5

(...) // the rest of the VTK pipeline calls

I hope this helps.