3D Widget + ResetCamera = question !

Hi Friends,

I’m using a customized PlaneWidget to display and modify interactively the clipping plane used by a ClipClosedSurface algo.

The PlaneWidget is using a couple of vtkActor2D to materialize the handles used to resize/rotate the widget.
I’m using Handle->GetPositionCoordinate()->SetCoordinateSystemToWorld() so that the handles are rendered at the right 3D position, but with a constant screen size (thanks to default vtkActor2D behavior).

The problem is that the handles are not taken into account when Resetting the camera position or clipping range.
I guess this is a normal behavior when using vtkActor2D that are displayed relatively to the screen, but in my case I’m placing these actors in world coordinates, and I want the camera to take them into account.

I’ve dug inside VTK source code, namely ComputeVisiblePropBounds (vtkRenderer.cxx line 967), and it seams that my 2D actors, despite being displayed, are not inside the Props list that is being traversed.

And I can’t figure why … any help ?