9 node quadrilateral file format

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if there is a 9-node quad element supported in vtk? And if so, what the node numbering and element type is?

I know there’s a 27-node hex supported that is not yet documented in the User’s Guide (it’s type 29).

I don’t think it should matter, but I’m trying to generate some plots using the legacy ASCII format.

And if there is a source where this information is documented I’d greatly appreciate knowing about it! :smiley:


You may look at the vtkBiQuadraticQuad: here: https://vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkBiQuadraticQuad.html#details

Usage example here: https://kitware.github.io/vtk-examples/site/Cxx/GeometricObjects/IsoparametricCellsDemo/