A question about solid clipper

How is “solid” defined,I tried to use vtkTableBasedClipDataSet to cut vtkCylinderSource, and the result seemed to be really “solid”.
But when I tried other data types, I didn’t get the desired effect.This is a vtkUnstructuredGrid output data, and then use vtkUnstructuredGridGeometryFilter for processing.
The result is like this.

If you do not use vtkUnstructuredGridGeometryFilter to process the data, then the result is like this

Obviously the second one is the result I want.
But I don’t understand why the first one is an empty shell. Is it because vtkUnstructuredGridGeometryFilterdestroys its characteristics as a “solid”?

vtkUnstructuredGrid do support 3D cells which will be properly transformed with the vtkUnstructuredGridGeometryFilter for rendering.

My guess is that your original data is described using 2D cells (triangles) (like a STL file) and therefore when you cut it, you see the paper thin walls not a filled inside.

cell type is VTK_VOXEL,I think it should not be the reason for this type of cell.

Were you saying that you are clipping the output of vtkUnstructuredGridGeometryFilter ?

If that was the case, then yes, the result make sense as you should have clipped the vtkUnstructuredGrid itself to keep the “solid” cells.

I’m not sure I get your comment on VTK_VOXEL. If it does not apply to your mesh, just don’t use that one…