A VTK Hackathon on November 6, 2019

Hey developers,

Who is in the mood for a hackathon? We could meet, both virtually and in person at Kitware’s NY headquarters, drink some coffee, do some coding, drink some more coffee, maybe do some informal presentations on topics of interest, drink some more coffee, do some coding, and repeat until the dashboards die from Do: test exhaustion.

So say we all?


So say we all!

Conditional yes

Would there be a way to open up a poll for issues of interest that might not be a part of an established project but would be able to be tackled in a hackathon?

In particular, I’m really hoping to gain support for improvements to the cube axes actor. See my post here: VTK Hackathon

Sure! I suggest we do that here.

We’ve structured previous hackathons with a focus area to concentrate on but with the understanding that people are free to work on whatever they like. As long as we keep that second part around I’m open for whatever topic the most developers are interested in.

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So should we post topics for the hackathon here?

What about setting up an open submission google form where folks can add a +1 for topics they want to see hacked?

Count me as a maybe at this point.

One potential topic: VTK MR 6055: Add Bezier cells. This adds arbitrary-order Bezier-basis cells (simplcial and prismatic), similar to the Lagrange basis.

Some more ideas for the group:

  • topic of packaging - work to get PyPi, conda, LinuxDistro* etc done or updated.
  • vtksmp (or vtkm)'ify filter *
  • VTK Next - a discussion really of what we should do next to modernize the code base further
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YES +1e6

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For information, some people from KEU will participate to the event from Kitware’s office in Lyon (during half a day, in the afternoon from here, in the morning from a NY perspective).


The November 6 VTK Hackathon agenda has been finalized. The major focus is on packaging. See the agenda for more information. We will start at 9:00 and the rooms are reserved through 4:00pm.


Discourse link


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Note that we expect a passionate exchange of ideas during the VTK Next discussion. However I am concerned that we won’t have the time to address all ideas, and that some members of the community will not be able to attend or have to leave early. So we’ve opened a editable Google doc - please feel free add ideas and comments to guide the discussion, and for future consideration.

Sorry for the late response, but I will be able to make it! Looking forward to seeing you all.


+1 from me as well :slight_smile: I love that nowadays I can just do pip install vtk, so anything you can do to make it easier for you guys to keep that up to date would be great.

Also very much interested in the Debian packaging efforts that were going on some time back. At work, we currently build our own internal Ubuntu package, but it’s very crudely packaged by yours truly as one big package with everything in it.


I am a relatively new VTK user and am currently working on scripting VTK files from mesh data, specifically .k files (HyperMesh output) using vtk.js. Could we also spare some time around how to read mesh data in general and possibly convert this to a binary file?

Best Regards,

There will be many experts in the meeting, so tomorrow will be a good chance to ask questions and get feedback quickly. Feel free to ask questions and ask for help while you hack away on the problem during the hackathon.