About vtkbool remote compile for python

I tend to compile the vtkbool from GitHub - zippy84/vtkbool: A new boolean operations filter for VTK
And I add the remote


such as :

# A new boolean operations filter for VTK by Ronald Romer

  "A new boolean operation filter by Ronald Romer"
  GIT_REPOSITORY https://github.com/lorensen/vtkbool
  # 12 September - fix warnings
  GIT_TAG 33ba44c57ad2cca726389102a2eea1a6259c47df

then run the cmake there is no remote opration for activate the vtkbool.

I was wrong?
@ Ron84
@ lassoan

We build and Python-wrap a modified version of vtkbool VTK9 version. If you want to use vtkbool in Python without building anything then you can use it in 3D Slicer’s Python environment. Maybe you can also copy the Python DLLs into other Python environments and use them there (currently Python 3.6, in a few weeks it will be Python 3.9).

@jcfr is working on reworking the VTK remote infrastructure to allow building additional libraries, such as VMTK, vtkbool, CIP, etc., so hopefully in a year or so vtkbool will be built using github CI and will be available via pip install from PyPI.

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After many attempts,I get a vtkbool.dll. But I still cannot import vtkboolPython for not compiled. Can I use the vtkbool.dll with python?

What I did just compile the vtk8.2 with python firstly and then compiled the vtkbool secondly. This seems was a wrong step?

vtkbool.exp (288.3 KB)
vtkbool.lib (476.9 KB)
vtkbool.dll (415.5 KB)

such information is confused

The Python module will be generated automatically, if three conditions are met:

vtkbool is configured as a library
Python 2 or 3 is installed with header files
VTK itself is wrapped to Python
After a successful compilation, the module can be used as follows:

I also tend to use the slicervtkbool,but not success

If you use Slicer’s Combine Models module’s Python wrapping then you can find vtkbool filters in vtkSlicerCombineModelsModuleLogic.dll and vtkSlicerCombineModelsModuleLogicPython.pyd.