ActiViz with Unity


i have some questions about working with vtk in Unity. With the ActiViz Asset in Unity I am able to use VTK functions inside the Unity scripts. I have now tested the free MedicalViewerAsset and have come across a few questions.

I want to render volumes and 2D slices. For the volume an empty GameObject in Unity is used. Is it possible to move this GameObject during runtime? Currently movement of the GameObject in Unity does not affect the rendered volume.

Further I want to apply a 2D Slice to a surface. Is it possible to use the slice rendered by VTK and apply it through Unity onto a surface/object? It would also be interesting to know if it is possible to give Unity access to the mesh from VTK?

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I encountered the following problems when using the free MedicalViewerAsset. How can I solve them? thanks for your help.
OPENGL NATIVE PLUG-IN ERROR: GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Operation illegal in current state

It may depend on what platform you want to build for.
In the case of Android it was important to go to
Project Settings > Player> Other Settings and here uncheck the box for “Auto Graphic API”.
I then removed all graphics APIs and just added “OpenGLES2”.

Also, don’t forget to follow the steps described here Sample scene workaround.