Actor picking failure with wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor

Hi forum,

I’ve built a wxwidgets app using wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor over the last years and for the first time I am hitting a wall. Actor picking fails in the wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor, i.e. clicks in the window at completely wrong positions are detected as clicks on the actual actor and the other way around. For instance, the HighlightPickedActor sample works fine as is, but when working with wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor, this goes wrong. (wxwidgets 3.1.5, vtk9.1.0)

Any hint at what could be happening or pointers towards an appropriate recent wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor implementation compatible with 3.1.5 and 9.1.0?

Thanks a lot


I meanwhile learnt the issue does not appear on windows.
Is that info giving a hint at where to look?