After updating VTK from 6.3.0 to 8.1.1,renderer became hidden in my project

Problem: RenderingWindow shows nothing while interactor style functions are working after version update

I already have developed a working software base on ITK-SNAP with VTK 6.3 , ITK 4.8.2, cmake 2.8.12, MSVC2013 and QT 5.6. Now when I replace them with ITK 8.1.1, ITK 4.13.1, cmake 3.12.1, MSVC2017 and QT 5.11, everything goes fine and no error report, except that the render window display nothing, kinda like all actors become invisible! (I know mesh actor is still there because I can click on invisible actor to update 2D view crosshair position.)
I hope anyone run into same situation can enlighten me a little bit.

working version:

new version:

By the way, I have tried a few things, including project clean&rebuild, updating all include paths and lib paths in .pro for VTK and ITK, and change ways to AUTOINIT VtkRenderingCore…

Finally succeed with VTK8.2.0, turns out I misbuilt VTK9.0.1 with project instead of VTK 8.x.
The strange thing is that there is no option “VTK_RENDRING_BACKEND” for VTK 9.0.1, which is the only difference I can see between success and failue of Using vtkRenderingCore AUTOINIT.