Algorithm to Convert a CT Image to an X-ray image

Can someone assist with the steps or algorithm to convert a CT image to an X-ray image.


It’s not entirely clear what you mean by that. Do you have a computed tomography volume (so a 3D dataset) that you wish to render as a 2D image from some angle on screen or to a 2D image on disk? If so, have a look at VTK’s volume mappers.

Please explain a bit more what your input data looks like, and what your objective is, and we can better help you.

There are two main approaches. For applications where speed is the most important, you can generate X-ray (DRR) using volume rendering (volume raycast mapper). If execution time is not a concern and you need dynamic range more than 8 bits)then you can use VTK image reslice filter in thick slab mode.

See discussion of suitable volume rendering presets here. You can find example of setting up reslice filter to generate DRR here.