ALL_BUILD Access Denied

I am new to VTK, and I am trying to compiling&installing C++ VTK.

I have downloaded VTK-8.2.0 and follow the instruction like this :

The VTK source code can be downloaded from on the Download page. source release ( ) and extact it into C:\MIMIA\ . This will create the folder C:\MIMIA\VTK- 8.2.0 , after which you should manually create the build folder C:\MIMIA\VTKBin.

Now run the CMake GUI:

On Windows It should be in your Applications folder (or Start Menu) under CMake. At some point CMake will ask what compiler system you are using, e.g. Visual Studio 14 (64-bit).
Warning: if you installed a 64-bit version of Python, you should choose a 64-bit build, such as Visual Studio 14 Win64. WARNING: NEVER choose IA64 (unless you are absolutely sure you are using this Microsoft-abandoned, enterprise-server architecture that is not x86-64 compatible).

At the top of the CMake GUI are two fields, one for source code and one for where to build the binaries; the source code directory is the directory where VTK has been extracted (e.g. C:\MIMIA\VTK-8.2.0 ), and the binary directory is the directory in which you want to build (e.g. C:\MIMIA\VTKBin ).

Once your CMake GUI is running, make sure that “Grouped” is checked and that “Advanced” is not checked. You now want to “configure” the system. This will cause cmake to establish environment settings for the build process. Once finished, you will be presented with a (nested) list of optional or unknown values for you to change as needed (these will typically be shown in red).

Make sure that BUILD_SHARED_LIBS , BUILD_EXAMPLES , and BUILD_TESTING are turned off .
Turn on VTK_Group_Rendering and VTK_Group_StandAlone .

Once these variables have been set, Configure again. If the “Generate” button is still grayed out, click “Configure” yet again. Finally, you should be able to generate the build environment (i.e., on Windows you “Generate” button).
On Windows, this will create a Visual Studio workspace solution named VTK.sln , in your ‘VTKBin’ folder, that can be used for the build. Open up VTK.sln and then compile/build it using the ‘All Build’ option for the ‘ALL_BUILD’ target inside it.

My question appears here: when I compiled and builded ‘ALL_BUILD’, it always shows a window and says “ALL_BUILD” access denied. However there is no error shows in Visual Studio. Can anyone help me find out what’s wrong with the access? Thank you.

Hi, IMO a better question is why you want to use ALL_BUILD option? To minimize possible error paths, you should just build things that you need.

You normally build the ALL_BUILD project, so that is fine.

You get the “access denied” error if you attempt to run the project. Choose an executable project, such as a tests or an examples, as startup project; or set a valid executable file name in ALL_BUILD project properties / Debugging / Command.

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Thank you. I think that is the problem.