ALL_BUILD in Visual Studio did not install VTK under program files - Windows 10

Hello. I am new to VTK and I have downloaded, configured, and generated VTK with CMake.

Once I have done that, I then went to the VTK visual studio solution file that was generated under /bin and ran the build for ALL_BUILD in the solution explorer. After that was successfully built, I then looked for the .ddl files and the directory that contains them under program files on my Windows 10 PC, but they weren’t there.

Now, I cannot use VTK as a library for other programs such as Starfish since I don’t have it installed after the ALL_BUILD happened.

What can I do now? Thanks.

Hi @Jerry1

This is an outdated wiki article, use this updated doc:

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Start VS as administrator then find INSTALL in the solution explorer tree and build it.

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