Alternative/Backport of vtkPVGridAxes3DActor in VTK

I have a VTKWeb workflow and I found the vtkPVGridAxes3DActor that I would like to use.
Is there a way to use it with only VTK without Paraview?
Are there other ways to achieve the same feature as vtkPVGridAxes3DActor in VTK?

Thanks for the help!


Short answer: add a thirdparty/paraview directory to your source tree and copy over there the PV’s source files (headers and .cxx files) required by vtkPVGridAxes3DActor. Copy all source files starting with vtkPVGridAxes3DActor.cxx (ParaView/Remoting/Views/vtkPVGridAxes3DActor.cxx at master · Kitware/ParaView · GitHub) and following up the #includes until you reach the .hs (and their matching .cxxs) #includeing only VTK headers.

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