Animation & actor->SetMapper


I would like to create animations in which I change the vtkMapper of the actor.

Basically, I have a curve (rod) that I want to animate.
It is named yarn and it evolves in time by calling yarn->step() and then I can get yarn positions.
So basically, I create polyData (with vtkPoints, vtkCells) from my positions and I apply a vtkTubeFilter to give it some volume. And I end with the associated mapper and actor. That is good to visualize one frame.
Afterward, I would like the animation, I have tried both solutions timer and animationCue, in which I recreate the mapper from my (new) yarn datas and then do actor->SetMapper(mapper) but then frame stay frozen on the first actor.
Note that in both cases, I have applied yarn->step() with
timer solution : vtkTimerCallback2::Execute(), so vtkTimerCallback2 has the member yarn.
AnimationCue : ActorAnimator::Tick(…), and there is also in ActorAnimator the member yarn.

In brief, I think I need a way to update my actor but don’t know how…

Many thanks to future helpers!

Little up for this question ! Nobody ?