Any suggestions for beginners :) on improving color mappings

Hello all,
I’ve just started using VTK so I’m trying some mapper options for biquadratic quads in a relatively coarse mesh(1600 cells). Without and with interpolation (option aVtkMapper->InterpolateScalarsBeforeMappingOn) I get the following :

Without changing the mesh resolution (a finer mesh), do you have any suggestions about how could I improve the quality of my visuals?
Many thanks!

Hi, Kostas,

I’d check the vtkLookupTable object first. Judging from your figures, its number of colors is low giving it a contour-like look. Try seeting it’s color resolution to 64 or more via vtkLookupTable::SetNumberOfTableValues(tableSize). Maybe the number of colors is good but the min. and max. of the color table is not adequate for the range of values in your dataset (see vtkLookupTable::SetTableRange(min, max))