Attribute error in getting dimensions of list to write to a csv

I am trying to write a list that has been processed on flow image data to write to a CSV. I am getting the following error. Does anyone have any leads?

return list(self.vtsData.GetDimensions())
AttributeError: ‘vtkCommonDataModelPython.vtkPolyData’ object has no attribute ‘GetDimensions’



It appears the code you shared is part of a larger project that uses VTK but isn’t VTK - there is likely little we can do to help debug this without having the full context of the software you are using.

The best help I can provide is that PolyData objects do not have dimensions, only gridded datasets like StructuredGrids or ImageData have this. If this snippet is from another open-source project, I’d recommend opening an issue with that project or linking us to that project.

We’d need a lot more information about the function that is supposed to return list(self.vtsData.GetDimensions())