Availability of testing data associated with VTK and ParaView

I see that there is data used for testing VTK and ParaView or at data.kitware.com, but there is no explicit license associated with those datasets that I can find. I was looking into using a few of the datasets for integrating into testing of PyVista and wanted to inquire whether this is acceptable use.

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Matthew Flamm

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This is a very good question @MatthewFlamm !

The data that can be obtained from vtk.org and paraview.org are under the license of VTK and ParaView respectively, which is BSD:

The data available on data.kitware.com sadly has no license applied to them, this looks like an oversight, I’ll investigate internally.

Thanks for the response!

Seems to be CC BY, but it should be specified somewhere.

It looks to me that the ParaView dataset on data.kitware.com is a subset of the data on the download site. I assume at least that portion would follow the same license, i.e BSD. The same for the VTK collection too.

While there is some content in common between the two, not all is.

In any case, both licenses are very permissive.