Best approach for interact with a huge number of objects

Hi VTK developers,

I am working on a project that we need to render a huge number of instances of a source (for instance spheres, cones, planes and arrows), similitar to a point cloud.

Please, see below a image for purpose of demonstration of how the system works. On a real scenario, much more objects should be rendered.


The user is allowed to change the color and scale, hide those structures trough out a external interface.

Most importantly, the user will be able to insert and remove new intances.

I am wondering what is the best approach for this system in terms of performance. For instance, in the case of insertion and remotion of new structures we are looking for an approach that do not need to recompute all the previous instances as a new one is inserted or removed.

Should we use vtkGlyph3D, vtkGlyph3DMapper, vtkCompositePolydataMapper2? Is there a better approch for this type of application?

Thank you.