Best VR headsets to use with VTK?

Hi all,
I’m interested in using VTK with a virtual reality headset but I don’t know which kind of headset I should buy. Based on this Kitware blog post from 2018 (, it seems that the following would work:
-Oculus Rift
-HTC Vive
-Windows Mixed Reality headsets by Acer, Lenovo, and HP

Can anyone recommend a model or enlighten me as to the pros and cons of the different headsets? Would the “Oculus Go” stand alone headset work? It seems to be by far the cheapest option.

Oh, and I should mention that users of the app I’m working on will need to be able to use a keyboard in addition to a mouse or VR controller to type text. I don’t know how easy it is use VR headsets with a keyboard.
thank you in advance,

@ken-martin FYI

Your best bet for headsets would be the HTC Vive Pro or the Valve Index. I suspect the Valve Index is the better headset but I personally have not tested it. But either of those two should give good results.


Thank you, Ken. If you have the time, could you explain why you recommend the HTC Vive Pro?