Best way to get notified of camera changes - specifically zoom

We have various ways we allow users to zoom in our application such as buttons for fit by window, dynamic zoom that works by depressing mouse button and moving the mouse, zoom by window, etc.

I’m looking for the best way to be notified AFTER such an action is complete. I don’t see events for such changes. I found some reference to camera.onModfied (bind events to camera) but this doesn’t actually appear to be supported.

You can add an observer to the vtkCameraNode. If you want to be notified after the rendering is completed then you can add an observer to the vtkRenderer.

Thanks! Unfortunately there is very little documentation on this class and only one seemingly irrelevant example.

You can find all information you need in vtkCamera.cxx. Search for InvokeEvent to see what events are invoked and when.