blurring textures

What should I refer to for an example of a technique to improve performance by blurring textures when rotating an ISOSurface created using vtkMarchingCube? 3DSlicer has this feature.

In 3D Slicer, we don’t add any texture to generated isosurfaces by default (and so we don’t blur any textures either). Maybe you mean volume rendering using raycasting?


Is this RayCasting? (The result is the same as the ISOSurface I created with vtkMarchingCubes.)
This screen capture is blurred when the object is rotating.
It will appear blurry until you stop rotating the image.
I think it’s to improve performance.
Are there any examples to reference? I want to follow.

  • This effect seems to be activated only in CPU Rendering.

Yes, it is raycasting (marching cubes extracts an isosurface, so the surface always has uniform color).

GPU raycast mapper supports this, too, but there is typically no need for adjusting rendering quality when you use a modern GPU and your volume is not extremely large. Also, the heuristics that computes rendering time and estimates degraded rendering parameters works very poorly for GPUs (probably due to complex internal optimization mechanisms in the graphics driver), so it is often better to disable this mechanism for GPUs.

You can find more details about how this mechanism works if you search for DesiredUpdateRate in the source code of VTK.

Thank you for your reply.