borehole/well log

Hello, we are building a geological visualization application and we need to visualize borehole/well logs, i.e. parameters recorded along a borehole or a well in the subsurface. The borehole geometry is represented by a polyline (some boreholes are deviated with respect to the vertical axis), i.e. a polydata with polyline cells (possibly a single cell). The parameters should be plot as a sort of “flag plot” on one or both sides of the borehole trace (the symbol on top is not important and can be done with a Glyph):


The parameters have a different spatial resolution with respect the well geometry polyline (i.e. temperature measured every 20cm on a borehole where the geometry polyline is recorded every 1m).

We expect to store the parameters on Numpy arrays with some sort of indication of the sampling step along the borehole geometric trace, and then plot as in the examples.

Does anybody have suggestions for this kind of plot?

Thanks very much!

I’m not sure this will work for you, but the class Rendering/Annotation/vtkArcPlotter may be a good starting point (also check out the associated test

Thanks very much!

We have seen the arcPlotter and found the example but we are not able to locate the input data, so it’s a bit difficult to understand how it works. Do you know where we can find them?


Thanks very much!! We’ll try and send a feedback.

Hello, do you think it is possible to have the plot obtained by vtkArcPlotter to follow the camera, like for instance you do with vtkFollower and text labels?


vtkArcPlotter has a vtkCamera instance variable, meaning that the plots will orient themselves wrt the specified camera.

Thanks! This solves the issue.