Bug found in vtkSplineWidget2 when a point is inserted


I wonder if someone has realized that when a point is inserted in a vtkSplineWidget2 (ctrl+right button) from time to time the point is not set in the correct order so the spline is not smooth anymore. I wonder if this bug is already known. I will try to fix it by myself and i share it here.


Hi. Did you fixed this bug ?

Not yet

If you can reproduce the bug in Paraview then maybe it’s developers can fix this issue. If they don’t use this widget then you might need to take care of this issue yourself.

In 3D Slicer we tried to make use of VTK widgets for about a decade but they had so many issues (not just superficial issues like this one, but fundamental problems, too) that we gave up on them and implemented similar widgets with simpler and more efficient design. We have a spline widget that works well (for example, does not have this particular bug). If you need interactive pointset, line, angle, open/closed curve, or plane VTK widgets then you can use the implementation in 3D Slicer’s Python environment.

Hello, Thank you for answering I will try this issue in paraview and in the newest version of vtk. I had an old version of vtk so it might be fixed now. Thanks.