Build examples and Qt does not work on VTK 9.0.0.rc2 and VTK 9.0.0.rc3 and Ubuntu 18.04

I thought I should post here as well.


I tried both VTK 9.0.0.rc2 and VTK 9.0.0.rc3 on my Ubuntu 18.04 using CMake 3.14.4 and nothing works. There are no examples e.g. Cone* nor after the build.
I thought there may be a problem with my cmake or system. I build vtk 8.2.0 and everything works. Maybe 9.0 has a bug?

I closed your issue as I’m quite sure this is more a misuse.

how do you build vtk ?

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’m quite sure this is more a misuse.

Probably but I did the same as I built 8.2.0: configuring using cmake-gui, enabling example and qt and use release. Is there something different between 8 and 9 configuration I am missing?

Seems to work here

cd vtk
git checkout v9.0.0.rc3
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd ../
mkdir vtk_build
make -j
ctest -R Example

Thanks for your reply. I see now that the examples are not in the bin anymore. Things seem to work now.

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