build stand alone visitbridge with vtk

I would like to build standalone visitbridge with vtk and vtk bindings?. Is that possible?
I feel like I want more but not the whole paraview “kitchen sink” more
how much would the interface have to change?

generally I have not had much luck compiling paraview (the binary releases are great!)

You could probably try compiling VisItBridge as an additional module in VTK. But this would be completely unsupported overall.

Have you filed issues about the problems you’ve encountered compiling ParaView?

Thank you. I have not filed any. I will keep that in mind the next time I am brave enough to try again.


This is a great suggestion. The interesting thing is that besides the paraview specific xml file, the module looks like pure VTK.

Modifications include changing the module.vtk namesspace variables from Paraview:: to VTK:: ( Not sure if that was necesary? )

and made an option called “VISIT_BUILD_READER_Paraview” that defaults to ON so that when it’s off it skips the paraview specific macro.

Does that seem like a reasonable approach?

Can one suggestion a “best practice” to support this approach internally.

e.g. have a vtk branch that tracks upstream with the additional module files?
and a branch for the VisItBridge repo with the same?

with this module magic, I think self support is doable.

It sounds like it’d work. VisItBridge itself is a git submodule of ParaView, so you could probably just reuse it with your own branch which handles the conditions.