Building VTK with NVIDIA EGL for headless server

Hi all,

I’d like to build VTK on our headless server with the NVIDIA EGL libraries. However, I’m having trouble finding the right libraries and headers to link to. Any advice?

Were running RHEL 7.9 with the NVIDIA 515.65.01 drivers on a Tesla V100. We have the NVIDIA drivers and libraries installed from the following RPMs:

  • nvidia-driver-latest-dkms
  • nvidia-driver-latest-dkms-libs
  • nvidia-driver-latest-dkms-devel

From nvidia-driver-latest-dkms-libs, I can find the following libraries. However, I’m not sure where to find libGL

  • /usr/lib64/
  • /usr/lib64/
  • /usr/lib64/

And from nvidia-driver-latest-dkms-devel, I see the following path was installed but it is empty (no headers inside)

  • /usr/include/nvidia/GL

Any tips on finding libGL and the development headers for this case?


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