building vtk8.2 with vtkdicom with python wrapping


i am trying to build vtk version 8.2.0 with Module_vtkDICOM : BOOL = ON from cmake gui with python wrappings, i have a few doubts,

  1. even though i have Module_vtkDICOM : BOOL = ON in the cmake gui, when i run “make” in terminal, the vtkDIOCM module is not building. How to build with vtkDICOM?

  2. i have set the python path to anaconda python 3.6, in cmake as well, even then when i run install the installation path defaults to 2.7 on mac, how to install in anaconda python 3.6 site-packages instead of system 2.7?


Most likely this is due to a known bug in 8.2. See fix here: Signed vs. unsigned pixel data in DICOMAppHelper


the solution worked, i was able to build successfully and install it but when i run import vtk in python i get

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘vtkRenderingQtPython’


how can i fix this issue?


This topic is about vtkDICOM. Please create new topics for other issues.