Calculating the circumference from cross sectional cut

Hello, I’m using a vtkCutter to cut a cross-section from a poly data object using a vtkPlane as the cut function.

The result is a disc-like shape seen below:

I can use vtkMassProperties and get the surface area of this disc but how do I get the circumference?

Failing that, is there a way to only get the outer points of the object as there are points inside the objects that makes normal circumference calculations inaccurate.



Please, take a look at this: How to extract the ids of the boundary points of a surface?

It refers to an example that is no longer avaible, though a snapshot of it is available in The Wayback Machine: .



Thanks Paulo,

It seems that the problem was due to the Delaunay filter outputting unstructured data. When I filtered the output from the Delaunay filter through a Geometry filter it seemed to solve my problem.


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