Can I compile VTk 8.2.0 without qt?

I’ve got vtk compiled using the standard cmake flags on osx, but it appears the dynlib files are linked to qt. I gave a look through the flags in ccmake, even the “advanced” flags and options like Module_vtkGUISupportQt are set to OFF. What could I be missing?

Yeah, this is one of the “fun” things about the VTK pre-9 build system. The “OFF” requests for modules is only a request and if it is required by any other mechanism, it will still get built. Generally this is because of either testing dependencies from other modules (disable testing to handle this case) or from the “group” which is VTK_Group_Qt or something. The configure log should dump out why a module is needed; you can disable anything that ends up requiring it.

Looking at the basic configuration, I see VTK_Group_StandAlone and VTK_Group_Rendering is ON, other groups are OFF Is there a way to check which ones require QT dependencies?

The configure output lists why modules are required, so finding Qt there and seeing what brings it into the build would be helpful.

I’ll look out for that. Thank you.